You Are Not Ready Yet

The scripture I want to share with you today is one that has been on my mind for about a week now. It’s the one that actually spurred me to start this website. As a first post, I find it truly fitting. I’ve been really thinking about how I wanted to proceed with a new blog. I’ve been toying with blogs and posts for about a decade now with little traction. I’d get an idea for a direction that I wanted to take a website, buy a domain name, and go to town building the site. By the time I would finish and write a few posts, I’d lose the motivation for that site and move on.

It never dawned on me, until I read this scripture, that there are periods in your life when you may want to do or try a certain thing, but the truth is you just aren’t ready for that thing yet. And that was my truth for many years. But lets not get ahead of ourselves. I want to share this scripture with you because I think it’s a part of the Exodus story that kind of gets glossed over. I mean, who wants to focus on this part of the scripture when the next chapter talks about one of the greatest, most miraculous victories in history? We all want to believe that we are standing on the edge of the Red Sea, staff stretched out over the water, waiting for the sea to part and for dry land to cross. Nobody wants to think “I’m not ready yet.” Nobody wants to focus on what had to be a few days journey of people wondering where on earth Moses was leading them. Or if they did know, surely some of them had to wonder why they were taking a route straight towards the sea when they could just go get the land God had promised them. Right? Continue reading “You Are Not Ready Yet”