Use it for Good

When I was about 14 years old, I went to church camp. Back in those days, I was a pretty hardcore christian kid. I went to church three times a week. I fasted when the adults of the church fasted. I prayed three times a day. I read the bible from cover to cover three times over the course of about five years. I studied. I even tried to learn Greek at one point thinking that I’d like to read the bible in the language it was written. So, while I had fun and enjoyed all the fun things church camp had to offer, I was also there to seek God and figure out his will for my life.

I was also popular with the younger kids, and they would crowd around me because they looked up to me and I gave them attention. One day at camp, I was sitting in the chairs and a bunch of the younger kids were sitting next to me in our little group. The message the preacher preached was about Saul and how he “stood head and shoulders above the crowd.” It was a message about God’s calling for your life and how God used Saul in the beginning. I looked around and noticed that I, too, was standing head and shoulders above everyone around me because I was surrounded by kids. I took this to mean that God had called me to preach.

I remember as I was returning home with my parents, I told them that I felt like God had called me to preach. I said that I wanted to go to bible school and to become a preacher. And I’ll never forget what they said to me. I was actually a little surprised. They said to pray about it and to think about it, and that I shouldn’t put off going to actual college to go to bible school because I needed a way to provide for myself and my family. I mean, at the time, I wondered why they would say something like that. Isn’t the standard answer to your child saying he wants to be a preacher an emphatic “heck yes”? What sort of parents would actually tell their child to hold off on being a preacher until you go do something that’s going to make you money? Continue reading “Use it for Good”