The Faith of Whores

Today’s post is one that I like because it gives you insight into the types of people that God uses and/or the types of people that find massive success. We tend to look at successful people and think that they have their act together. They step into the spotlight and shine and their brilliance sends a big ole spotlight down onto our own lives and highlights all those little insecurities we have.

What we don’t see is everything that went on behind the scenes to make that person shine. We look at the scarlet chord on their window and think “wow, that’s beautiful,” but we don’t see that the person living there is someone who put herself on the line for strangers. We don’t see that the person sold themselves for sex for a living. Bear in mind, I don’t see that in a negative light (her occupation). In fact, typing up the words “she is a whore,” while factually accurate, seems overly harsh and judgmental to me. So, before we get started, I just want to clear the air here. I’m not judging her. If I call her a “whore,” I’m really just doing it for effect rather than judgment. Sometimes I think stronger language is necessary to drive home a point. And in this message there is some powerful stuff. Continue reading “The Faith of Whores”