The Storm of Depression

I read a post on another corner of the internet tonight that moved me. A man was talking about how he was unable to buy a gun because his aunt went to the gun shop and told them about his history of mental illness. Essentially, he wanted to buy a gun to kill himself, but his aunt interceded on his behalf. Because of this event he decided that, if he must live, he might as well start improving his life.

The post made an impression on me. It reminded me of the times in my life when I was hit with depression and how low that feeling can bring you. It reminded me that not everything we do in life is “rah rah rah” and happy-go-lucky rainbows with sparkles. There’s a dark side to life, a depth that we all reach at some point that drags us down. We are all faced with grief and suffering and many of us never make it back to true happiness.

Some of you reading ┬áthis today are in the eye of the storm. Maybe you’ve been there for a long time. Maybe you feel your whole life has been this storm. If you don’t know how depression feels, I urge you to search out some psychology forums where people go to talk about their depression. You’ll find that it’s enlightening. Or, if you’re like me, your heart will go out to these people. You’ll feel their pain and feel helpless in the ability to help them see beyond it. Continue reading “The Storm of Depression”