So, you like the website and now you want to know who is running this thing, eh? My name is Jamie Leatherman, a former engineer turned teacher who is currently pursuing a Doctor of Educational Leadership degree. I teach math (and sometimes Physics) to those who don’t want to learn math. I love my job and the freedom it gives me.

I am also an avid reader (what writer isn’t?) and over the past ten years I have really delved into deep topics like personal development, psychology, philosophy, and science. I feel like one aspect missing from the world of Personal Development is the spiritual component. I was raised in church, and, when I say church, I mean the kinds of churches that people would hoot and holler and run around. The kind of church that thought TV was wrong. So, when I became an adult, I left the church. For years I called myself an agnostic. At one point I decided I was an atheist.

Then I had a moment of clarity (i.e. a mental breakdown) and my entire world crashed down around me. I instantly started seeing things differently. I looked at the idea of going to church and serving God with fresh eyes. I began to see God, not as a bearded sky fairy who comes down and grants wishes to his people, but, rather, as the spirit of love that drives us to improve ourselves, to love each other, and to be better people. This page is the culmination of everything that I’ve learned and experienced in my life, and I share it with you because I want to inspire you to be stronger, to have hope, and to grow in whatever capacity you are meant to grow in. While every post is expounding on scripture, I promise not to beat you over the head with my bible. I’m not here to save you or to get  you to go to church or be a good little christian. I am here to inspire you to be who you are, to grow, and to reach heights in your life that you don’t think are possible.

Since I use scripture as the main driver for this personal growth, allow me to give you my take on the bible, church, and God. If you disagree, that’s fine. We all walk our own path. I am only sharing this because I want you to see that my views don’t necessarily follow the church’s view on many things (even though I still go to church). If you’re not a christian, the goal of this website is to inspire you to grow. If you are a christian, the goal of this website is to not only inspire you to grow, but to also give you a new lens by which to interpret the bible. The church has a very poor reputation among the eyes of those who don’t go to church, which to me means that they aren’t interpreting things entirely right and have possibly lost their vision. So, what do I believe? Let’s take a look…

What I Believe (hold onto your hats)

  1. There are three parts to the bible, and each part requires you to view it with a different perspective.
    1. The Old Testament is a book of stories that exist to give illustrations for how to live our lives, but also show us the contrast between The Law and Grace. That is, the old testament is not anything you should be building doctrine from. You shouldn’t hang on every letter of the Old Testament because it was written as part of the law and it’s sole purpose is to illustrate what happened at the Cross and to give us deep perspective on what it means to live under God’s grace.
    2. The inspired word of God is written in red. That is, if you were stranded on a desert island and you could only take a part of the bible with you that would be all you truly needed to live under God’s grace, then the books you should take are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. If you don’t agree with that, then I have but one question to ask you: What part of the son of God’s message do YOU personally feel is incomplete? Let that marinate for a while. Because if you disagree, then you better be prepared to make the argument that what Jesus had to say wasn’t enough. I know I, personally, don’t have the ego to suggest that.
    3. The rest of the New Testament is an interpretation of the gospels and what men felt that Jesus was saying when he preached. That is, they took the message that Jesus preached and expounded on it. Which means that MAN is interpreting what GOD had to say. In other words, you shouldn’t hang on EVERY LITTLE LETTER of the rest of the New Testament any more than you should hang on every little letter of the Old Testament. That doesn’t mean you should throw it out. It just means that all the doctrines the church makes comes from letters written by man trying to interpret what God had to say. Here’s the kicker: YOU DO THE SAME THING IN YOUR  LIFE THAT PAUL DID IN THE NEW TESTAMENT. The whole point is that you can look at what Jesus said (and did) and learn and expound on it through your own lens of the world. Hence, all these denominations that exist do so because they chose to interpret the message in their own unique way.
  2. There are only two commandments for you to follow.
    1. Love God with all your heart. That is, have faith, hope, and belief that what he can do is real and that it can be done in your life.
    2. Love your neighbor as yourself. Treat people the way you want to be treated. I promise you that if you do these two things, you won’t have any trouble deciding what is right and what is wrong. You will know it…in your core.
  3. The notion of sin is not some deeply rooted speck of awfulness inside of you, but, rather, things that are bad for you. 
    1. Note the personal nature with which I said that. People see sin as something to avoid, but they have no idea why they should avoid it. Because nobody talks about that. Do you think that God just makes up rules for no reason? Do you really think that God wants to just rule over you and lord over you and see what hoops he can get you to jump through? NO! The whole point is that when you DO sin, it’s something that is either destroying others or destroying yourself from the inside. So, look at sin from a personal perspective. These are things you shouldn’t do FOR YOUR OWN GOOD.
  4. God is not a magical sky fairy who exists to just come grant wishes for people. He, quite literally, is LOVE. The spirit of love. And it’s that spirit of love the drives us to become better people.

That about covers it. I wanted to share my perspective and beliefs because this website isn’t geared towards people who are in church (although those people can find insights here as well). I’m talking to the agnostics, the atheists, the buddhists…whatever…whoever you are and wherever you are. I’m not here to judge you. I’m here to inspire you. And if you’re ready to be inspired, please stick around and read some articles. Thank you for your time. Thank you for your patience. And good luck in your journey, wherever it may take you!